Beaver Logo Guidelines

Ballard Beaver Logo Usage Guidelines and Copyright


usage guidelines

Our Brand Identity Guidelines provide an updated and comprehensive set of primary and secondary logo options, word marks, and color specifications for the Ballard Beaver logo. In order to present a consistent identity across all Athletic Booster Club and Ballard Athletics uses, the Brand Identity Guidelines provide examples of correct usage and logo color options. The Guidelines also outline incorrect logo usage, including but not limited to reproducing the Beaver logo in an unapproved color, and adding, removing, or modifying logo elements.

To receive a copy of the Brand Identity Guidelines including high-quality images suitable for print and web applications, please email your request, including your connection to Ballard Athletics and your intended use of the logo files. We are happy to work with the BHS athletics community to spread Ballard Pride!




  • Pantone Black 6

  • CMYK 100/79/44/93

  • RGB 16/24/32

  • HEX #101820


  • Pantone 186c

  • CMYK 2/100/85/6

  • RGB 200/16/46

  • HEX #C8102E


  • Pantone Cool Gray 7

  • CMYK 20/14/12/40

  • RGB 151/153/155

  • HEX #97999B


Copyright and usage restrictions

The Ballard High School Athletic Booster Club (not Ballard High School or the Seattle School District) owns the full copyright license for the logo and all its variations. The BHS ABC board is responsible for protecting the copyright and governs the terms of licensing and use of the logo.

In 2004 the ABC granted a limited free-use license to Ballard High School. The granting of this license does not grant the school the right to control distribution of the logo to others nor does it give up or supersede any of the logo ownership rights of the BHS ABC.

No other groups may use the logo without express permission of the ABC board except when such use is non-commercial and directly related to promoting Ballard High School and our mission statement.

The logo is a symbol of the Ballard High School Athletic Booster Club, and the school at large, and shall be used in manners that positively promote school pride, spirit and community. The club reserves the right to restrict use of the logo that, in its sole opinion, is deemed inappropriate.